Assignment: Employee Brand Ambassadors: A Key to Motivation & Performance

When implemented correctly, a corporate brand ambassador program can be a powerful tool to improve organizational culture; increase employee motivation, retention and performance; and change external company perception. As an OD consultant, a brand ambassador program may be a tool that you consider implementing to create positive change within a client company.For this Assignment, you select a company and research their brand ambassador program. As you research your selected company, identify how the brand ambassador program impacts the organization and consider elements of the program that you see as especially effective or that you may choose to change.To prepare:Choose a company from the list below and research their employee brand ambassador program.AdobeCoca-ColaDeloitteGENokiaBy Day 7Submit a 2- to 3-page paper written in APA format and style in which you evaluate your selected company’s brand ambassador program and the impact it has on employees, the organizational culture, external perceptions, and overall company performance. How can shared values be promoted via brand ambassadors? As an OD consultant, is this a model you might recommend to your own clients? If so, how might you initiate and implement a brand ambassador program for a client organization?Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.Submit your assignment by Day 7 of Week 5.

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