Assignment 2: Cultural Immersion Experience

I am black culture so do not use thatTo more fully understand a multicultural group of which you are not a member, you will engage with a different multicultural group within or outside of your community.Tasks:Connect with a group:That constitutes a unique culture or clear value systemThat is or has been disenfranchised or oppressedAbout which you have (potentially negative) preconceived ideasThis can include racial/cultural, sexual identity, religious/spiritual, economic, or ability diversity (formalized religious services different from your own, volunteer work at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, attendance at a religious ceremony, burial, rites of passage, social activity, etc.).Create a 3- to 5-page Microsoft Word document in APA format addressing the following:Step 1: Contact the group and interview a leader about the way to interact with the group, or find a cultural guide who can help you access the group appropriately. Interview that person about the group: why the members gather, what it means to them, etc.sample of consent form attached belowStep 2: Attend at least one gathering of this group, observing and interacting, as appropriate. This meeting is to be attended alone, not with another student from this class or program unless he or she is your cultural guide.Step 3: After the experience, describe each of the following:A brief overview of the experience, including the setting, the type and/or purpose of the event, and the number of attendeesYour reactions to the experienceYour thoughts and feelings about the group observedYour thoughts and feelings about yourself in relation to the group observedPoints to consider to be an effective counselor for this population

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