Assign 2-WK 7(A)

Practicum Journal: Checkpoint for Certification PlanPsychiatric/mental health nurse practitioners currently have only one choice for certification, which is through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The ANCC offers the “psychiatric/mental-health nurse practitioner (across the lifespan)” board certification (PMHNP-BC). In many states, board certification is needed as a prerequisite to being granted an NP license. Even if board certification is not a requirement for state licensure, it may be a requirement to receive privileges in various hospitals and other health care facilities. It may also be required by malpractice insurance providers prior to issuing coverage to NPs.Learning ObjectivesStudents will:Evaluate progress on certification plansReport your progress on the Certification Plan you completed in Week 4 (SEE ATTACHED WEEK 4 CERTIFICATION PLAN DONE)AssignmentWrite a 2- to 3-page paper in which you do the following:1) What have you done to prepare for your certification?2) Have you completed the scheduled tasks assigned on your timeline as younoted in week 4 ? If not, what are your plans to stay on schedule?(SEEATTACHED WEEK 4 CERTIFICATION PLAN DONE)INSTRUCTIONNB: for this Assignment (Journal Entries)· Include references  immediately following  the content.· Use APA style for your journal entry and references less than 5 years old.. PLEASE INCLUDE INTRODUCTION, CONCLUSION AND REFERENCES LESSTHAN 5 YEARS OLDLearning ResourcesRequired ReadingsBarton Associates. (2017). Nurse practitioner scope of practice laws. Retrieved from Psychiatric Association. (2016). Practice guidelines for the psychiatric evaluation of adults. Retrieved from

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