After reading all the articles and lectures, answer the following using at least 500 word.

1. What were the two key findings of the Duffy article? (10 points)

2. What could explain increased maltreatment in single-mother households? How do these things explain increased maltreatment? Don’t just list them out–think about it. Explain. (10 points)

3. How is society affected by child maltreatment? Think about how child maltreatment affects an individual and how that individual then affects society. Also, think about the costs (both monetary and not) to society. (10 points)

4. Ask a question to your classmates. This can be a question meant to garner better understanding of the material or just a question about the material.

5- Response to other student (150 words)- for this Q, I will send it to you after you are done with first 4 questions because it will be visible after I post the answers of the first four questions.

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