Administration Of Public Health System


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    Public Health and Emergency Preparedness
    Part 1
    Healthcare and public health are typically conceptualized as separate, albeit related, systems. While there are distinct differences in the role and responsibilities of public health and healthcare professionals, the responsibilities of the two disciplines do overlap in some situations.
    Review the website What is Public Health and respond to the following questions in relation to differentiating public health from healthcare:

    • In your opinion, what are the major differences between public health and healthcare? Explain at least two differences.
    • Based on these differences, do you agree that public health and healthcare are interdependent? Give reasons in support of your answer.US public health officials have identified three core functions and ten essential public health services that a health department must perform. Combined with responsibilities associated with disaster or bioterrorism preparedness, which have become pertinent since September 11, 2001, they remain the core responsibilities of all health departments.
      Review the following reports:
    • Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. (1988). The future of public health. Retrieved from of-Public-Health.aspxof-Public-Health.aspx
    • Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. (n.d.). The future of the public’s health in the 21st century. Retrieved from
    • Based on your review of the reports, respond to the following discussion points in relation to the government’s role in public health:
    • Identify one example from your local health department or a health department of your choice that illustrates at least one of the three core public health functions.
    • Define the core functions. In 2–3 sentences, examine how this definition applies to your selected example.

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