Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College – Berkeley Child Trauma Discussion

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Rev. Gail C. Rollerson is classified as a Minister as well as a Spiritual Psychologist. A Spiritual Psychologist infuses spirituality into their research and or clinical practice. A patience of mine that has been coming into my office for one year for services by the name of Billy. Billy is a thirty-year-old Caucasian male. Billy have been having problems with his sexuality for years. He was often picked on during adolescent years while going to school. His classmate would often bully Billy and call him rude and harsh names such as faggot, weirdo and punk. Billy often wore makeup to school and would sneak his mother and sisters’ clothes to wear outside of the home without their knowledge. Billy has confessed to his Spiritual Psychologist Gail Rollerson that he was molested when he was five years old by a Catholic Priest whom was a friend of the family. The Catholic Priest was invited over to baby sister Billy while his parents went out of town. During the time of his parents’ trip is when the incident occurred. Billy has been suffering from that trauma ever since, however, too ashamed to tell anyone he kept it hidden and barriered in his heart.

Billy, stated to Psychologist Gail that he chose a Spiritual Psychologist because he still believes in God and that he needed some additional answers, “why would a man of the cloth hurt an incident child?” he asked, while tears were streaming down his face. In addition, Billy stated that he no longer wanted to be call, Billy but Billy Jean. Billy Jean stated that she always felt trapped in a woman’s body and now wants to have surgery in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a woman. After assessing the information and knowledge that Billy Jean shared with his Spiritual Psychologist Gail Rollerson during there session, several referrals were made for additional help concerning Billy Jean. The first referral was made to my colleague Gender Therapist Andre Hampton whom is a licensed professional behavioral health practitioner who specializes in working with individuals, couples and families navigating a Gender Transition. The second referral would be to my friend and colleague Clinical Psychologist Samantha Sowell for the traumatic experience that Billy Jean suffered when she was raped by the Catholic Priest at the age of 5. Spiritual Psychologist Gail encourage Billy Jean to explore the option of telling her parents concerning the incident that happen with their friend the Catholic Priest because he is probably still molesting and raping kids and she could of put a stop to it long time ago if she had came forward and told her parents.


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