A Case Study of Martin Luther King Theories


Watch and Analyze a Famous speech by a well-known businessperson or a political figure. Some suggestions: Martin Luther King-“I Have a Dream” speech; Steve Jobs-“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” Stanford address; Sheryl Sandberg’s-“Rocketship” commencement speech at Harvard; Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s-“Pearl Harbor” address; etc.Watch a video of the presentation of your chosen person then write a 500-word critique and give a short presentation to the class critiquing the speech by giving a brief explanation of the speech and then critiquing it in terms of the following:

1. Effectiveness of the introduction, body, and conclusions;

2. Evidence of overall organization;

3. Use of verbal signposts to create coherence;

4. Emphasis on two to four main points;

5. Effectiveness of supporting facts (use of examples, statistics, quotations, and so forth);

6. Focus on the audience benefits;

7. Enthusiasm for the topic;

8. Body language and personal mannerisms

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