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I/O experts are often expected to develop workshops to address workplace needs. Based on your project research thus far, create a workshop in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that examines the origin and foundational theories of I/O subfield you have chosen for your course project. Include the following in your PowerPoint:A presentation of the current practices within the subfield.An explanation of the historical influences supporting the current practices within the subfield.An explanation of the foundational theories that support the current practices within the subfield.An evaluation of ways in which and to what extent the current practices within the subfield adhere to historical and foundational theories of psychology.Submission RequirementsWrite comprehensive presentation notes for each slide, representing the narrative you would use to explain the content of the slide if you were presenting the PowerPoint in a workshop situation.Your PowerPoint presentation should be approximately 8–12 slides in length, including title and references slides.Cite a minimum of seven peer-reviewed sources, using current-edition APA style and formatting. Several helpful Campus links are included in Resources for your convenience.Make sure that the information that you present is organized, professional, and provides appropriate context for an audience of your peers.Refer to the Workshop Presentation scoring guide to examine the grading criteria on which your presentation will be evaluated.

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