6220 Wk 7 Discussion: Analyzing a Fictional Character’s Personality

During this module you have examined eight personality theoretical perspectives and some of their corresponding theories. Additionally, you have examined cultural considerations to consider when analyzing a subject. In this Discussion, you practice analyzing a subject from the perspective of personality theory and consider cultural considerations as part of the analysis. (Note: Your fictional character analysis is for the purposes of this discussion only. Clinical analysis and diagnosis require additional formal training and would never be conducted without first meeting the individual).To PrepareSelect a public figure or celebrity, real or fictional character to analyze from the personality theory/theoretical orientation of your choice. Be sure to select a character about whose personality you know a solid amount.Reflect on cultural considerations applicable to your character analysis.Post the character you chose and a 3-4 paragraph analysis, including the personality theory/theoretical orientation you chose and cultural considerations you considered.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. Use proper APA format and citations.Cervone, D., & Pervin, L. A. (2019). Personality: Theory and research (14th ed.). Wiley.Chapter 6, “Rogers’s Phenomenological Theory: Applications, Related Theoretical Conceptions, and Contemporary Research”“Developments in Research: The Self and Authenticity” (pp. 163–169)  (previously read in Week 4)Chapter 8, “Trait Theory: The Five-Factor Model and Contemporary Developments”“Age Differences Throughout Adulthood” (pp. 213–214)“Cross-Cultural Research: Are the Big Five Dimensions Universal?” (pp. 221–224)                                                                            (previously read in Week 2)Chapter 14, “Personality in Context: Interpersonal Relations, Culture, and Development Across the Course of Life” (pp. 394–416)

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