6-1 Discussion: Personality Disorders

6-1 Discussion: Personality DisordersPrevious NextIn this module, you will explore the concept of personality disorders.Often, figures in the public eye are deemed by non-experts to be narcissistic. How would you explain to a friend the difference between high self-esteem, narcissism, and narcissistic personality disorder?For your initial post, review The Three Subtypes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and The Psychology of Narcissism. Then choose a historical figure or a character from TV or a movie to answer the following questions:In what way does this person exhibit grandiosity and self-importance?Based on the article, which of the narcissism types most accurately reflects the character of this person?What are the various cognitive, emotional, and environmental causes of narcissistic personality disorders?Why do the diagnostic features of narcissistic personality disorder fall on a spectrum?How does the concept of personality disorders apply to any of the following programmatic themes? You may want to review the Programmatic Themes document.Self-careSocial justiceEmotional intelligenceCareer connectionsEthicsRemember to respond to two peers while being respectful of and sensitive to their viewpoints. Consider advancing the discussion in the following ways:Engage in conversation with your peers around personality disorders.Consider asking a question or sharing your personal experience.To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric. You will also need:Norms of Practice for Online DiscussionEthical Usage Practices

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