2 Discussions..350 words each

In the Supply Chain Network Design textbook, read:

  • Chapter 10, “Adding Multiple Products and Multisite Production Sourcing,” pages 177–206.
  • Chapter 11, “Multi-Objective Optimization,” pages 207–216.

discussion 1: End-of-Chapter Question

The “End-of-Chapter Questions”

for this unit are on page 215 in your Supply Chain Network Design textbook. Prepare a post that addresses question 2.

350 words… cover page not required

discussion 2: Designing for the Long Run

Consider the attached article by Klibi and Martel. In previous units, we have considered design problems at a single point in time. Discuss how this article extends the discussion to a longitudinal perspective. What are the strengths and weaknesses of their empirical work?

350 words… cover page not required

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