2 assignments. ( 15-17 pages)

Assignment 1

Develop an EIS program for a company , which could be implemented. (The Program should be DLP- Data loss prevention).

The paper should mimic an executive debriefing; describing how the EIS program was developed ( DLP) and how the proposed EIS (DLP) program will be managed. Provide DLP definition, why and how it is important for the company.

Spytech Background

How can DLP Help Spytech Inc

DLP implementation

If the proposed DLP implanted then what would be the benefits

Before and after DLP implementation ( picture)

Please add some diagram


15-17 pages paper. APA CITATION , IN text citation, Article spinning software strictly prohibited .

Assignment 2

discuss what note-taking technique works best for you and why?

post a description of a the note-taking technique that works best for you and why, informed in part by this article: http://lifehacker.com/back-to-basics-perfect-your-note-taking-techniques-484879924. . This post should contain 150 or more words.

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